Why Cats Paint

First published in May of 1994, “Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics” has blazed a trail of coffee table hilarity ever since. People are often confused by the serious, museum-like tone concerning the artists and their bios, and perhaps that is the secret of the book’s success. There is even a Snopes article because so many people have taken the book at face value and inquired as to the book’s authenticity.

San Francisco Chronicle reviewer Jon Carroll observed in his review of the work at the time of its original release: “The people who will think it is serious (and there will be many such people, I guarantee you) will perhaps start a new religion. The people who think it is funny will have a lovely book that will endure on a coffee table forever.”

The book skips directly over the question “Do Cats Paint?” and jumps directly into bios and philosophies of cat painters like Buster who creates inverted paintings because he spends so much of his time looking at the world upside down.

It has been suggested that this book be required reading for art critics, art history instructors, and museum docents. At the very least, if you want an eye-catching, smart-yet-hilarious conversation starter, put this on your coffee table.

You can purchase “Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics” from Amazon by clicking on this link.

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