Deer Kitty…

One of our favorite past times here at Kitty Mews is perusing videos of unlikely friendships between cats and other animals.  These pairings never cease to amaze us, especially when the duo happens to be the most starkly opposed BFFs you could ever image in the wild.  Well, this week’s video round-up pairs some beloved kitties with deer.   We’ve had a ton of deer visit us on the farm this year, and the cats’ reactions to them are always a source of amusement.

Credit: Karin Yates

Hmm… bathing seems to be a very mutually beneficial past time among interspecies BFFs!

Credit: happythedeer

A new idea for a Bambi spin-off?

Credit: TheLightHouseLady

Kitty wants to play, but deer is all tuckered out.

Credit: Rumble Viral

The “Awww Factor” in this one pretty high.

Credit: FRTYM1




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