Cat-letes Pounce their Way to ‘Meow Madness’

100 unstoppable, adoptable kittens face off in the Hallmark Channel’s “Meow Madness” premiering at 8/7c on Monday, April 3. The basketball world has never seen such prowess in its cat-letes as they pounce their way to “The Final Fur.”

The two most accomplished players to watch are: Doodle of the University of Fish-igan Catfish and Bugsy from the University of North Cat-Alina Micemen. Both are fierce competitors in and out of the flea-zone.

Doodle is known for his crab-walk pump-fake, while Bugsy has garnered much attention for his hang time.

Zoom over to the Hallmark Channel website to read more about the players and announcers and don’t miss the premiere of “Meow Madness” at 8/7c on Monday, April 3, 2017.

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