Newborn Kitten Photo Shoot Has the Whole World Smiling

Kitty Schaub, a 30-year-old photographer from Benton Habor, Michigan has become known nationwide and around the globe because a moment of inspiration struck when she saw her kitten, Luna, sleeping.

“I thought my clients would think it was funny. I take a lot of newborn photos, so it just happened,” said Schuab during our interview.

Kitty and her husband, Dave, gathered their newborn props — a salad bowl, a handful of newborn headbands, and a sleeping kitten — and made the whole nation smile. When asked how she got the kitten to sleep, she said that she didn’t use any special trick. The kitten was young and had just eaten.

“She was the easiest newborn I’ve ever photographed,” said Kitty.

This week, as it goes with kittens, is completely different: “The kitten isn’t so sleepy now that she’s a bit bigger. She’s all over the place! No way I could pull that off this week!”

But yes, it did “happen.” The photos of the kitten went viral immediately.

Her business, Kitty Lee Photography, is only 3 years in the making and already quite successful. While Kitty may lay claim to the “crazy ideas,” her husband, Dave, plays a vital role in the success of the business. She says, “…he’s the man behind the scenes. If you see a photo of a kid genuinely laughing, he’s doing something hilarious behind me.”

Their business slogan is “Turning Memories into Art,” and you can see from the photos on that they deliver on their promise.

Schaub says she’d be interested in more pet newborn photo sessions. “I’d be up for the challenge… with enough treats and belly rubs, I bet we could do it.”

Then the requests for calendars started coming in. “When people started asking for calendars, I thought ‘well, this might actually do some good!’ Save a Stray is local to us, and we know some of the good people that run it. It just seemed like a perfect fit.”

All proceeds from the calendars go to Save A Stray, and more than 500 have been sold already. If you’d like to order a calendar, visit .

If you’d like to order a photo, visit her site:


When asked if she had a favorite photo, of all the photos she’s taken, she said, “My favorite changes every day. I think this one is in the top for me:..”




Of course, there were outtakes from the cuddly kitten photo shoot, and Schaub was generous enough to share this one with us.


All photo credits go to Kitty Schaub of Kitty Lee Photography.

Please purchase a calendar here.

Purchase single prints here.

Read more about Save A Stray.

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