Japanese Bakery Debuts “Cat Bread”

Cat people living in Osaka, Japan who love bread should perk up their ears.  Blue Jin Bakery and Cafe’s got a real treat for you.

To commemorate a renovation project at the Hotel New Hankyu as well as the cafe’s re-opening, Blue Jin Bakery and Cafe has created its own bread loaf called “Ikoneko (little kitty) Bread.”  Customers can purchase a 5-sliced “Ikoneko Bread Loaf” for 350 yen ($3) as well as “Ironeko no Te” cookie (cat’s paw) for 230 yen ($2).

The bread promises to be a bit sweeter than a usual loaf, while the cookies come in plain and chocolate-flavored.  The new novelty cat bread will go on sale on May 26th.

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