Cats Sleeping in Funny Places and Positions

Every cat owner knows that cats can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  Have you ever caught your cat sleeping in a funny or weird position or place?  This week’s round-up features kitties sleeping in funny positions. Enjoy!

Let’s kick it off with one of my favorites — the “face plant” pose, aka “cat planking.”

Via Oh, made! (Only Handmade)


This cat is in a perfect supine position with paws up “bunny-style.”

Via huuua2


Ever notice how well kitties fit into sinks?  It’s the perfect place for a l’il nap.

Via Cute Cat


Cats sleeping in boxes isn’t a new thing — but how about several cats sleeping in boxes!

Via Supernail01


This cat is enjoying a wistful drowse on the dashboard — just watching the world go by.

Via DailyPicksandFlicks


This silly kitty in her breadbox has even figured out how to close herself up in it.

Via Funny animals


On the fence?  Talk about amazing feats!

Via Azibal mohmed


Spread eagle with his stuffed bunny.

Via Xiedubbel


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