UPDATE! 3/15/17: NYC to Host First “Cat Camp”

In case you missed NYC’s first “Cat Camp” on March 11-12, here’s a re-cap of what went on:

Over 2,500 cat fanciers from around the world attended Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion for panel discussions on everything from setting up your own Cat Cafe (there are currently 17 in existence already in the US) to making your own Cat Wine (one recipe had kitties lapping up a combo of beet juice and catnip).

Jackson Galaxy, America’s “Cat Daddy,” talked about his Foundation which brings aid to at-risk animals.  Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther (a company devoted to improving your cat’s home environment) explained how to make a “catio” for your home.  And Beth Adelman, cat behavior consultant, answered cat questions from the audience.

Kitty Kind, NYC’s all-volunteer cat adoption group, had many senior and special needs kitties there for adoption.  In addition, speakers from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals dropped by to give a presentation on its Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Initiative.

Please click the link below to learn more about the symposium.


New York’s first cat cafe, Meow Parlour, will host its first cat symposium, or “Cat Camp” this coming weekend on March 11th and 12th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.  Cat lovers from around the country will enjoy cat adoption events and fairs, and presentations from cat celebrities like Jackson Galaxy from the TV show My Cat From Hell.  Even L’il Bub will be there.  Tickets range from $20-$150.  Check out the link below for more information:

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