Kitty Litter Hacks Make Life Easier

From soaking up grease to helping your garden grow, who knew kitty litter could be so versatile!  These cat litter hacks will save you time and money in ways you never would have imagined.  *All hacks use unscented natural clay litter unless otherwise indicated.

  • In the Garden:  Keep the soil evenly moist by mixing litter into it.  You can also sprinkle a ring of litter around the base of plants to keep the slugs and snails at bay.
  • On the Grill:  Line the bottom of your grill with about an inch of litter to absorb the grease from grilling.
  • In your Shoes:  Pour about a cup of scented litter in an old nylon knee-high stocking and tie a knot at the opening.  Leave one overnight in each shoe.  This absorbs moisture and removes the funky odor.
  • In your Driveway and Walkways on Snowy Days:  Regular (non-clay) litter is great for traction.  Keep a couple of bags in your trunk and then pour some evenly in front of and behind your tires when you get stuck.  Pour some on your steps, walkways leading up to your house, and deck for added traction.
  • In the Basement and “Critter” Holes in the Yard:  Pour some scented litter around the edges of your basement to keep out pesky critters like mice, rats, and moles.  They dislike the texture and the odor.  You can also fill up their holes in the yard.  Kitty litter is non-toxic so even if they wind up eating it, it will not harm them.
  • For a Wet Cell Phone:  Put your wet cell phone in an old sock and tie off the top.  Then place it in a small bag of kitty litter.  Leave it there for a couple of days.  The litter will draw out the moisture.
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