Easter Bunny Kitties are Here! Happy Easter Everyone!

We couldn’t resist showing some video clips of Easter Bunny Kitties.  I mean, the two so compliment one another.

Kitties with bunny ears are a personal favorite, added points if the kitty is looking extremely bored and sleepy:

Credit: FunnyManiax

I posted this one earlier, not realizing at the time that s/he was putting on a bunny hat. Super Uber bonus points for putting on a hat without the use of opposable thumbs, Kitty!

Credit: MonkeyWrenchDog

Here’s a video of a kitten nibbling on a baby bunny’s ears. ‘Nuff said:

Credit: d10fel

“Cat on a Roomba” — the Greatest Invention of the 21st Century. “Cat with Bunny Ears on a Roomba” — Second Greatest Invention of the 21st Century”

Credit: TexasGirly1979

I wish there was a button I could push in my brain that would turn on a live feed of kittens and baby bunnies playing in the grass… Don’t you?

Credit: Fetatrus


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