Denver Cat Company Serves Up Caffeine and Friendly Distractions

If your cat at home isn’t distracting you enough, you can grab your laptop and head to Denver Cat Company. Maybe their rotating roster of eight or nine cats will do the trick.

All of the cats are up for adoption and, as you would guess, the adoption rate is high. It seems that cats pick their owners wisely.

Once you plop down at a table armed with your laptop and coffee to begin working on that novel, undoubtedly a feline is certain to “choose” you. Even better if you have pens or pencils resting precariously near the table’s edge. Increase your odds of being chosen by not giving a shit.

For $15 you’ll be supplied with a canvas and paints to “Paint a Cat.” If you’d like to spend a little extra, a cat will come knock over all of your paints and try to drink your paint water.

They even offer “cat yoga” which is where a human strikes various poses in order to look graceful — cats find this thoroughly amusing.

Photo credit: Danielle Lirette

For more information, see the Denver Cat Company’s website.

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