Cat Owners Urged to Protect Their Cats From Sunburn

As temperatures rise and summer sets in, cat owners are being urged to protect their cats from sunburn, and potentially, skin cancer.  Light-colored cats, especially white cats, are more susceptible, especially on and around their nose and ears.  The issue has become so alarming that the UK’s largest cat charity, Cats Protection, is urging cat owners to keep their cats indoors, especially during very sunny weather.

Sandra Milburn, Cats Protection’s Education Veterinary Officer, explains that cats come into their care on a regular basis with early or advanced stages of cancer caused by sun exposure.  These cats often need to have their ears amputated so the disease doesn’t spread. Unfortunately, it may take years for the signs to be visible, so it’s important to take precautionary measures early on.

They suggest that cat owners keep their cats indoors during the hot summer months, especially during the hottest part of the day. Providing a shaded area for your cat to lounge in is also recommended.  Sunblock for cats (some of which are designed to be lick-proof) are also available.  But check with your vet before you try any, as cats are more sensitive to the chemicals than other animals.

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